Things I learned while NYC

1. Everything you see in the movies about NYC is one hundred percent true
2. Santacon is cool. NYU is cool. Both are expensive
3. The subway stop for Chinatown is Canal Street
4. All buildings are full of art, preferably in Greenwich Village
5. A pack of cigarettes in NYC are twelve dollars.
6. The person dressed up as the statue of liberty at times square charges five dollars for pictures.
7. There’s a ferris wheel inside the toys r us at Times Square. They also have giant sizes of Wonka candies. Naturally, it’s every child’s heaven on earth.
8. Take the bus instead of a taxi too and from JFK
9. Rain ruins great pictures, but it doesn’t take away the experience
10. Random women you meet in security lines at the airports tend to tell their life story, such as “I am having an affair with my husband and my kids hate me. He cheated on me first and didn’t say sorry, so fuck it.”



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