a week in the life of emily

(life lessons from Saturday to Saturday)

Saturday: On Saturday you will learn that peppermint shnapps are not the ideal drink and that wearing a sundress for the first time in months is actually pure bliss. You will also learn that even though the phrase “dance like no one is watching” sounds cliche’, it always should be done especially when you’re with your favorite group of friends.

Sunday: You will learn that family dinners are fantastic – especially with a dash of amazing food and wonderfully baked apple pie. Anything to do with food and pie is fantastic, let’s be honest.

Monday: You will go see your therapist, as you do once a month. But, this time it will be different; at the end of your meeting, you will decide that therapy really isn’t needed anymore because you are fine and you are happy. your meetings with her had been feeling more like talking with a friend rather than your therapist, and you will walk out of the office feeling more triumphant than you have ever felt in your entire life. so triumphant, that you apply for a job that very same day, and guess what? they will hire you on the spot. AS A WAITRESS.

Tuesday: On Tuesday you will eat so many raising canes chicken you had no idea you could eat so much, and you’ll laugh because all the running you had been doing just went down the drain. But you’ll still decide to buy a new dress.

Wednesday: You will be reminded at how in love you are with chipotle and you aren’t afraid to admit it. And then you’ll finally receive the concert tickets you won just a week before and you’ll smile so big when you find out their floor seats, but you will scream and cheer even more when you are so close to Ed Sheeran that you can vividly see his red hair, and you’ll hug your friends like crazy just because you’re grateful that they aren’t just your friends, but your sisters. You and these sisters will finally begin planning your Europe trip next summer.

Thursday: On Thursday you will read for two straight hours – something you haven’t done for months, and you’ll feel content and at peace. You’ll feel like a rebel when you sneak in a whole bag of Buncha Crunch into the movie theater and you’ll want to cry at the perfection that is The Great Gatsby. You’ll also want to call everyone Old Sport afterwards.

Friday: You will go to work training for nine hours and eat wonderful pasta with your new co-workers and you’ll be delighted thinking that just a short few months ago you were sad, and happiness such as this seemed to have been so far away. You’ll come home and sleep for four hours, wake up, put on your new dress and attend a house party and you’ll laugh and drink and get your new oxford shoes all muddy but you won’t care. And then you’ll get kissed on the front porch, until you hear your best friend yell “Emily what the hell are you doing?” You won’t regret that kiss.

Saturday: On Saturday you will learn just how much you have changed when you don’t go chasing old flames and you’ll watch one of your favorite movies and you’ll laugh with your best friend, thinking “oh, things have changed, but life really is pretty great.”


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