good eats : first edition

Thai Grille: Westerville, Ohio
I tried Thai food for the very first time at this cute, quaint little restaurant in Uptown Westerville on Friday – literally it was so tiny and cute that it only held no more than twenty tables. I ordered the Summer Rolls for an appetizer with a nice tangy dipping sauce. For my entree I ordered Pad Kee Mao that in my opinion, I thought it was absolute heaven with the perfect amount of spice and vegetables. YUM!
see their menu here

Lucky House: Westerville, Ohio
My family and I have this habit of ordering out Chinese food at least  every other week. We have almost eaten at every Chinese restaurant in Columbus, but this passed weekend we tried Lucky House for the first time. I had Cashew Chicken with cooked lettuce and white rice. It was delicious, and I spent almost the entire meal trying to convince my mother that Chinese food and Thai food are BOTH considered Asian food.
See their menu here

Sundays at my house are dedicated to grilling – my dad recently bought a new cookbook entirely dedicated to grilling recipes. That is wear he found the recipe for the grilled tomatoes filled with Parmesan cheese. We recently started grilling asparagus too while marinating them in Italian salad dressing. Honestly the asparagus and the grilled vegetables are always the first food to go at family Sunday dinners.

So, go eat some Asian food and grill your veggies! YUMMMMMERS


8 thoughts on “good eats : first edition

  1. Grilled veggies.. mmmmm…Asian food…. mmmmm!!!!! Wow All of this food looks amazing. Lately I have been seeing a lot of grilled fruit. Grilled pineapple, grilled peaches, but I have yet to try any fruit grilled.

  2. I hate how addicting Chinese food is! egg rolls, spring rolls, sweet n sour sauce, sweet n sour chicken, orange chicken, sweet n sour shrimp, fried rice, white rice, chicken low mein, nom nom nom! everything is oh so good!

    • Oh I know! I totally agree that you can never go wrong when ordering Chinese! I’d love to visit China just so I could eat and try all the food!

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