good eats : second edition

Betty’s Fine Foods and Spirits : Columbus, Ohio

My manager recently introduced me to a very popular chain of restaurants located throughout the city of Columbus – Betty’s was on her list, not only because it has great food but because it is dedicated to the 1940’s and named after the iconic cartoon character, Betty Boop. It’s located in the Short North and inside it looks like a small, European tavern. I went with three of my best friends and we split the Nachos – which were wonderful topped with melted cheese, black beans and diced tomatoes. I ordered the Turkey Bacon Wrap, with fried potato chips (they were to DIE for, by the way). Betty’s is now one of my favorite local restaurants.
take a look at the menu here

Gahanna Grill : Gahanna, Ohio
In case you didn’t know, my dad and I have a list of restaurants we want to try before the summer is over. They’re mainly all of the oldest restaurants throughout Columbus. This passed weekend we decided to try Gahanna Grill which was built in 1939 and is in the top 100 cheeseburgers in America. It’s located in Gahanna, a small suburb of Columbus with small diners and one of the best bowling alleys around. Of course I had to get a cheeseburger so I got one – with everything on it. It was wonderful and hands down one of the best cheesburgers I have eaten.
look at the menu here

I also started my new waitress job this week and I trained every day from 9-5. I got an hour for lunch, but couldn’t afford to buy a meal every day so my co-worker introduced me to this wonderful salad recipe. it includes cucumber, chick peas, black beans, cherry tomatoes, and banana peppers with balsamic vinegar as the dressing. it was the definition of YUMMERS.


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