why i am deeply in love with my hometown

I can’t believe that I have been on summer break for a month already. It was weird to think that I usually would just now be starting my summer. I have to say that even into month of summer I can tell that this one will be a good one. (no jinx please!)

I have decided that I want to spend this summer to the fullest being that I want to soak up the sun and the city festivals and the delicious foods and be in and around Columbus as much as a I possibly can. It’s funny how some days I would do anything to leave and see the world, but when I am walking down High Street or eating in the Short North I have a hard time seeing myself anywhere else.


I ate dinner in the Short North on Friday with my best friends and everything about it was lovely. There’s very few places in the world that I love more than the Short North – the people, the art, the shops, the food. When I was a little girl, my family and I would drive down the street into Downtown and I’d look out the backseat window and see couples holding hands and eating on the patios of those restaurants. It’s weird to think that I am now walking down those sidewalks and sitting at those tables.

And then I went to the Columbus Arts Festival where hundreds of artists from all over the world (one was from Belgium!) come to share their art – whether it be photography, or ceramics or even furniture design. They lined up in tents around the Scioto Mile and it was absolutely wonderful. I fell in love with so many different forms of art – but of course I loved the photos of Greece and Ireland the most.

But no matter how much I looked at the photos of Greece and Ireland and wished I was there to see the coasts and blue water I knew deep inside that Columbus, Ohio will always be my first home.


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