dream places | Liverpool, England

Liverpool, England - great-britain Photo

I have recently caved into the Pinterest craze – even though I am several months behind. However, I only cruise through the “travel” and “food & drink” categories. Seriously, the other night I pinned almost 200 pins to my new travel board and I can’t stop pinning pictures of magical castles and clear blue bodies of water; and don’t even get me started on the quaint European villages.

My new travel board has now become my “wanderlust” board, I suppose – seeing as that I would gladly drop everything at this very moment and jump right into the pictures (you know, just like they did in Blues Clues when I was little).

But, there’s no where more I would love to visit then Liverpool, England. I know – weird right?! If I am being honest though that city has been on my “travel bucket list” ever since I can remember and almost every time I tell people I’d love to go there they look at me like I am crazy – and then they say, “Oh! You’re a Beatles fan aren’t you?”

Yes, I am a Beatles fan and yes that is mostly why I would love to visit Liverpool.

And as much as I should probably be all about this generations obsession with One Direction, I am actually all about the Beatles. My brother bought me the book A Hard Day’s Write a few years back which describes the history behind every Beatles song ever written. So after reading the stories behind Strawberry Fields and Penny Lane, I made a promise that I would visit them one day.

And plus, Liverpool seems really beautiful as it rests alongside the River Mersey. It also is home to several pubs (and yes, I envision myself sitting in there listening to rock bands like they used to do in the 60’s, as cheesy as that sounds), and not to mention it is the city where John Lennon and Paul McCartney met.

So, I am topping my bucket list with Liverpool England. I will now continue listening to A Day In The Life, and dreaming my way through the “travel” tag on Pinterest.

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One thought on “dream places | Liverpool, England

  1. autumnstrength says:

    It doesn’t sound cheesy – I think a lot of British people who want to visit the U.S envision scenes from all the American movies they were brought up on. I’m sure Liverpudlian pub owners realize why a lot of tourists are there and try to recreate the atmosphere they know people are hoping to feel. If you like magical castles, you’d love where I live. I’ve wanted to post about my town for a while so I’ll do it later on Xanga, and on here if I can figure out how to use wordpress.

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