The time I was a fan-girl for 2 days.

I am not ashamed to say that even though I do not have one direction posters sprawled out across my bedroom I would not mind hanging out with the five boys of one direction. And, while they paid a visit to Columbus, I may or may not have tried to catch a glimpse of their handsome good looks at their hotel.

And let me tell you how difficult it is to actually meet a celebrity. I am constantly seeing several girls get photos with Harry and Niall just by staying outside their hotel. And since I didn’t have actual tickets to their show, I decided to at least make an appearance outside their hotel. However, I was not one of the several other teenage girls who actually CAMPED out to see the boys. The number one thing I learned from my one direction creeping is that directioners don’t mess around.

While I stayed in front of their hotel – for a mere half an hour I did meet some kind directioners who let me know that Harry Styles was caught playing tennis the previous night in Miami and that for the duration of the Monday afternoon the other boys had been missing in action.

That was until, several other girls scattered around the hotel began to leave the hotel looking distraught, yelling “THEY’RE IN CINCINNATI.” Well played, one direction, well played. I mean who chooses Cincinnati to hide from their fans? What a brilliant idea. Want to know the greatest part? All the fans got an update via twitter on their phones once Niall was spotted in Downtown Cincinnati. I told you, Directioners don’t fool around.

The day of the concert, when the boys were supposed to finally arrive to Columbus I of course had to work an 8 hour shift. But let me tell you, all day while I was serving all I could think was “I literally could be posing for a picture with Harry Styles at their hotel right now.” Or “I could be getting Liam’s autograph at this very moment.” I was slowly turning into a crazy fan girl at this point.

So, I went out to dinner downtown with my friends Erica and Katie. We decided to go to Boston’s pizza which just so happened to be right next to the arena where the boys were playing. There were several contests to win tickets that night, and I entered.. and then I lost to a seven year old girl who said that Niall was her favorite. I’m not even going to lie, I was Ms. Bitter Betty watching all the Directioners go into the arena so no, I didn’t enjoy my pizza.

BUT THEN. My friends and I decided to walk passed their tour bus on our way back to the parking garage. From a distance I could see the big red one direction bus that has photos of all five of them singing on it. But, as I got closer I could see someone running around the parking lot playing soccer, with about ten teenage girls taking picture of him. And, would you believe that it was Niall Horan?! IT WAS!! IT WAS!!! I mean, I didn’t want to be creepy and annoying so I didn’t scream and I only took one picture. I mean, I don’t want to be an annoying fan girl. Honestly, I just want to be their friend and maybe party with them every now and again.

I am done being an annoying fan girl right now, but if you would like to see my somewhat creepy picture of Niall click here.


One thought on “The time I was a fan-girl for 2 days.

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