I’m listening to “Your Song” by Elton John, and my heart is heavy – and although it has been heavy countless times before – tonight is different. Tonight I can’t seem to figure out why my heart is heavy.

It’s almost as if I want to reach inside my chest and ask, “heart, why are you heavy?”

Of course it may say – “em, I am heavy because I want attention and compassion, and someone to share laughs with and morning coffee.”

And that is mostly true. My heart feels the most heavy when I find myself missing someone whether it be a long lost friend or a love gone sour. Or, some days it is that I am missing someone I haven’t even met yet.

Too put it simply, most of the time I just think too much – I think my way into sadness and worry more often then I’d like too admit.

Tonight, I am missing someone I have yet to meet. And I am sitting in my basement writing this wondering where on this earth he could be and I often wonder what color his eyes are and what his favorite songs are.

But then, the other half of me – the only logical part inside me says, “Emily, be quiet you’re only twenty. You have your whole life to find your better half, wherever he may be.”

And then it would yell in frustration, “ GIRL, YOU NEED TO GET SOME PATIENCE.”


One thought on “heavy

  1. yes! follow your heart and know that in time you will find him. rushing to find “the one” will get you into nothing but trouble. let him come to you.

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