hey friends old & new,

It’s been awhile and I am doing fine. fine? I think so. I mean I still have my days where I my mind floats from one thing to another but the one thing that always remains constant is just how much I truly miss blogging and writing. I always say that I will return, that I will begin writing on a regular basis but I have never committed and for that I am truly sorry.

Maybe that is why my mind always floats – begins I never get my thoughts down on paper like I used to. I haven’t shared the fact that I am now a twenty one year old woman and I know that some would argue that I became a woman when I turned eighteen but I don’t believe that – who I was then and who I am now are so far apart that I’m not even sure they were ever the same person. Or how now matter how old you are, you are growing up and sometimes that means growing apart, too.

Or how I’m not returning to London this summer like I had hoped and how it completely broke my heart. But I am trying to take defeats as lessons rather than misfortunes. Such as each night as I go to do my homework and the copious amounts of pages I have to read or the papers I have to write, I thank God that I am blessed to be attending college at all.

But winter still continues to linger on, and the days are still rather long, the air chilly and the ground covered with dirty snow. I am getting by, and I hope you all are too.

❤ Emily


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