yesterday i was feeling excited – tried sushi for the first time, celebrated a friend’s 21st birthday over shots of Captain Morgan and unstoppable laughter. 

Yet today, here I am laying on my family room floor after working out the never-ending love handles that seem to rest on my hips, feeling sad for no reason at all, it seems. Maybe it’s because it’s still winter but the sun is shining and the vitamin C doesn’t seem to be affecting me at all. 

I have at least ten other things I should be doing but I choose to lay on this carpet anyway, thinking about them not getting done. And then I get frustrated again because I have things to do.

And how silly of me is this? Emily, don’t you know that this is life? Don’t you know that life consists of to do lists and cold winter temperatures and occasional low self esteem? What are you doing just laying on your family room floor?

Am I really just a mess? Or am I just an over dramatic twenty one year old woman.

Sometimes I’m not so sure. 


3 thoughts on “mess

    • I haven’t talked to you in so so long! I hope you are doing very well! I love that you enjoy the love handles, and I especially love curves – it shows that a woman is honest and true, but I definitely think women (and people in general) should always try to be healthy!

      • autumnstrength says:

        I am doing rather well, thanks. I hope you’re doing well too 🙂

        Apparently the healthy bodyfat range for women is 20 – 30% bodyfat. 25 – 30% bodyfat is definitely love handle territory!

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