Buckeye Donuts

buckeye donuts

Since it’s opening in 1969, Buckeye Donuts has been an Ohio State tradition. Most students on campus go there after a loud house party or breakfast as they rush to class. I am different. I still currently live with my parents so I don’t rush down High Street for class, I wait patiently for the CABS bus to take me to the Oval. 

And guess what? Most Ohio State students have their first Buckeye Donut experience their first month on campus. I am a senior, and since this morning at 12:39am, I was still a Buckeye Donut virgin.

Until I was walking along high street with four of my closest friends, and since the weather gods decided to bless Columbus with a high of 65 degrees, the old glass door to Buckeye Donuts was open, unveiling a delicious scent of glazed and jelly filled donuts.

So, naturally I went in.

And there I was, sitting in the original bar stools that were placed there in 1969, eating a chocolate frosted donut with rainbow sprinkles. And, of course, it was heaven.

Left that little donut shop wondering why I had waited almost four years to try it. Now I can full understand the tradition. Does this make me more of a Buckeye now?


2 thoughts on “Buckeye Donuts

    • Aw. I think it’s nice to have a balance between being introverted and being extroverted. Being introverted isn’t bad at all, sometimes I think solitude can be a very pleasant gift.

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