Purse Necessities

I never used to be much of a purse/bag person. Occasionally I would wear a small cross-body bag, or a cute wristlet. Now that I have gotten older I take my purse/tote everywhere. The following lists are what I carry in my bag, and recommend every woman carry them too!

Wallet: Duh, right! Of course you need this to carry your money, change, credit cards, and of course your I.D. to enjoy some lovely alcoholic beverages after a hard day at work. This is the one I use because it isn’t too big, but still carries all my essentials.

Pepper Spray: I carry this in my bag because since I am a waitress, I often leave work late at night and have to walk across the parking lot in the dark. Thankfully, I have never had to use it, but I have it on my keychain along with my keys just in case.

Any and all kinds of chapstick: I use EOS chapstick, Blistex chapstick and the regular Chapstick brand, partly because I am indecisive about my chapstick and because my lips get crackin’ hardcore in the winter. It is always nice to keep your lips healthy and moisturized.

Hand sanitizer // Lotion: The germaphobe in me definitely comes in right before I go out to lunch, after I pump gas at the gas station, and literally everywhere in between. Having hand sanitizer in your bag is essential, in my opinion, especially in the winter. I also have a mini size of Bath and Body Works lotion in my bag as well.

Mini deodorant // hair spray: I never believed in having deodorant in my bag because I always believed it to be unnecessary. But since I have become a waitress and work almost ten hours a day, running back and forth between tables, having a backup deodorant is nice to have. Hair spray is also nice to keep in your bag when you have both a casual and professional night out, to keep your hair looking elegant and in place.

Gum // Mints: It’s always nice to have fresh breath! Or, sometimes I forget to pack my lunch for when I am on break in between classes on campus. Sometimes chewing on some gum subsides my hunger until I am able to get some real food into my stomach.

Tide To Go Stick // Mini Clorox Wipes: Working at an Italian restaurant, I have made having tomato sauce on a shirt a fashion statement. However, most guests don’t want their waitress greeting them with a shirt full of tomato sauce stains. The Tide To Go Stick takes out the stain in a matter of minutes. I know that having clorox wipes in my purse really makes it seem as though I am a hardcore germaphobe, but they really do come in handy. One day I spilled a to go carton of Cajun pasta in my car, and the clorox wipes helped maintain the mess until I got home!

Lipstick // Compact Mirror: I don’t carry a full size lipstick, but a small travel one that comes in handy when I need to touch up my lipstick. And, of course the compact mirror comes in handy for any and all makeup needs you may have while on the go.

Pain medication // GUM Toothpicks: I have always made sure that I had pain medicine in case of an abrupt stomachache or headache, especially when I knew I would be on the go all day. I always have GUM toothpicks in my purse as well, especially when I go out to eat just in case something were to get stuck between my teeth.

* Happy purse filling! I hope you fill your purse with these great necessities. What items do you put in your purse?


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