Anyone that knows me knows that I have built within me the strong desire to travel – also known as Wanderlust. These are pictures of my travels all the way to Europe and the States – each picture, each place, and each person that has shared these experiences with me hold a special place in my heart forever. Each of these traveling adventures holds a special story that has inspired my writing and I will never stop having the desire to see new places and meet new people. Cheers to future travels!

travel writings:
Things I learned While in NYC
dream places | Liverpool, England
what i’m dreaming of | Santorini, Greece
Eiffel Tower | 3 years is just too long

New York City: 2012

Paris, France: 2010

Rouen, France: 2010

Normandy, France: 2010

Hon Fluer, France: 2010

Dover, England: 2010

Canterbury, England: 2010

London, England: 2010 (Also known as my favorite place on the entire planet).

Virginia Beach, Virginia: 2008

Washington D.C. / Gettysburg, Pennsylvania : 2007


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